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Add a selfie or any photo directy
onto one of our predesigned cubes.

Your personalized Rubik's
photo cube is ready!

The Classic 3x3
Rubik's photo cube

The Pocket 2x2
Rubik's photo cube

Available soon on the Selfie app
and right and now on the DESIGNER

Create your designs using our
DESIGNER or entrust us your project
to make a fully customized
Rubik's photo cube.

Personalized by piece
Delivery in 48hours, depending on


Picture taking and printing instantly on-site
on one face of your corporate Rubik's cube.

Picture taken on spot
On-site printing
Cube printed


Solution grid
Resolution method
LEGO Robot
Cube show


Speedcubers, performers, educational workshop, LEGO robot, cube show...
We offer you several types of animations to produce your event...

Use our WEB DESIGNER to its fullest
to create your own Rubik's photo cube
fully personalized on all 6 faces.


OpenMind is our educational solution making
use all of our fun tools and professionnals to
accompany your in your training approach.

Cube Pack
Create your Rubik's photo cubes
Creation Pack
We create all of your teaching tools using the Rubik's photo cube as medium
Custom-made Pack
We create all of your teaching tools and accompany you in the realization of your project