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Our cubes

Our Rubik's PHOTO Cubes

Design Your Cube has created with Rubik's Brand the new Rubik's PHOTO cube.
The Rubik's 3X3 cube is the classic puzzle that's a great mental challenge. Instead of the basic colors, choose or create your own design. It measures 57mm.
The Pocket cube, also known as the Mini Cube, is only 46mm fitting literally into your pocket and consists of 8 pieces (all corners) making it an ideal canvas for printing images and designs.



Frame separates pictures from each side of the Cube. Choose from an array of colors that suits your taste.


All cubes are printed in Photo Quality. For corporate accounts our designers collaborate with you to reach Studio Quality.


Packaging can also be customized for gifts and promotional purposes (available soon!).


Your Rubik's PHOTO Cube can be printed and shipped in one day. Contact us for fast delivery option.

Le concept DYC

Design object

The Rubik's PHOTO cubes not only provided the answers to our very specific criteria in terms of playability, durability and quality but also its classic design.

Simple ambition

Allows anybody to create, personalize and design their own Rubik's PHOTO cube; to play virtually in the web or with his hands, thanks to the unique printing technology developed by DYC.

Unique technology

DYC uses professional printers specifically modified and adapted for our own usage while meeting the demand in maintaining high quality standards. Our printing technology provides a sustainable solution to puzzle cubes offering permanent, water-proof and durable prints.

Efficient web tool

DYC invites you to a discovery experience taking you into a new dimension in terms of technology solutions. Though we present you today the future of web development and 3D graphics rendering, our website offers simple and user-friendly interface allowing any user having more time to enjoy, explore and simply have fun.
Inspired with the permanent desire to innovate and optimize, Raoul took care of the development of a 3D web application specially adapted for the customization of cubes. Harnessing the latest in web technologies, this tool makes easy adding images, texts on the 3D cube and even play with it.

Method for Solving the Cube... New !

The Rubik's PHOTO cube remains to a vast majority of people a difficult puzzle to solve. This inspired us to create a more educational solving method to solve the cube.
If the concern to create, innovate and efficiency being the elements which inspired us, our main motivation is to share the pleasure of playing!