Rubik's Photo Cubes

Personalization & Printing of Rubik’s cubes

Rubik's cubes

Rubik's Photo Cube exclusively uses licensed Original Rubik's cube products.

Design / Designer

Create your virtual 3D designs using our web application.
Creating custom design or use designs created by our design partners.

Press proof / Finished product

Upon validation of virtual 3D design, your personalized cube is printed and shipped the same day.
The press-proof/finished product will be identical to your final order.

Order / Printing

Minimum order of 1 Rubik's cube.
High definition printing quality / Cubes printed in FRANCE

DYC Event

Fun event from virtual to reality

PHOTOS / Visualisation

PHOTOS of your clients realized on-site appearing instantaneously on our 3D virtual Rubik's cube.
Large touch screen to display, edit and play with customized cubes.

Live printing on-site / SOUVENIR gift

Our mobile production unit allow the instant printing of virtual 3D cubes of clients with their pictures.
Your clients receive a personalized Rubik's cube, fun and excellent event souvenir.


Exciting amusement in the presence of a "speed cuber" proposing initiation and the manipulation of Rubik's cubes around surprising games and challenges.

POP-UP store

In partnership with the Profile agency (transitory architecture), we can help you construct your event structure in the spirit of fun and design.